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Check Safety Recalls &
Special Service Campaigns

A recall or a special service campaign is an inspection and/or repair in order to prevent the problems that are related to safety, exhaust emissions and serious problems from occurring.

Use the checker below to look up if your vehicle is involved in a recall or a special service campaign.

Get Important Takata Airbag Recall Information Here Other Special Service Campaign Information
Where do I find my VIN or Frame Number?

Your vehicle's VIN (17 digits) or Frame Number (10 to 13 digits with hyphen) can be found in the following locations.

A. On Vehicle Body.

The Vehicle Compliance Label can be seen on the driver or passenger side door jamb, inside the engine room or is stamped on the body frame.

on Body on Body
B. On Vehicle Documentation

The VIN or Frame Number can be found as "ဘောင်အမှတ်" on the Owner Book or as "Chassis No" on the Wheel Tax.

on Body on Body